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One of my favorite decks so far.

The extra wide stairs are a characteristic of my decks. They are a great place for plants and offer a large sitting area during gatherings. Deck stairs are usuially flimsy and open framed, but I believe they should be as sturdy, fully cased and as appealing as interior stairs. After all they need to be more durable against the element.

Notice the 6 x 6 posts I use. Not only do they make the deck look solid and sturdy, it is! I carried the piers right up through the decking and into the rail framing. These railings will never loosen up or become flimsy. Another characteristic of my decks is the lack of over-hung decking. Wrapping the deck with a heavy 2 x 12 creates a solidly finished look.

Look at this beautiful koi pond setting! The deck's octagonal end wraps around the house and looks over the pond.

The weather won't stop these homeowners from grilling out! In fact, they love the sound of the rain dancing on the 5-V metal roof.

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